Bang Bang Baby Season 2: Release date and all updates

Bang Bang Baby season 2

The Bang Bang Baby Season 2: Release date and all updates


The Bang Bang Baby series has taken the audience by storm since its premiere. It. Was. Impeccable. 


Fans have been awaiting the release of season 2 now. Bang Bang Baby season 2 was released on April 28, 2022. It had ten amazing episodes. Andrea Di Stefano created this series, and a team wrote it’s script of 3 writers, including Andrea Di Stefano, Sebastiano Mellloni, and Valentina Gaddi. 


Here’s everything you need to know about Bang Bang Baby season 2!

Bang Bang Baby: What’s the series about?

Bang Bang Baby’s plot revolves around its central character Alice. She is a shy teenage girl who joins a mafia organization as its youngest member to win her father’s love. This series was set in 1986, and Alice uses her imagination to cope, influenced by music, television, and pop culture of the 1980s. This show has recently gained massive popularity as it targets young audiences.

Bang Bang Baby season 2 renewal: Will it be renewed or cancelled?

Bang Bang Baby season 1 had ten episodes. The first five episodes were released on 28 April 2022. Later, Amazon Prime released the remaining five episodes on 19th May 2022. 


As for the renewal of season 2 of the series, formal announcements have yet to be made. However, considering the reviews and ratings, we expect the show to be renewed. Stay connected with us for more updates!

Bang Bang Baby season 2 release date: When’s it scheduled to premiere?

As of July 2023, the show Bang Bang Baby hasn’t been renewed yet – hence, there’s no release date for now. However, if we were to anticipate, we would say it might premiere by the end of 2023 or 2024. 

What is the storyline of Bang Bang Baby?

The storyline of Bang Bang revolves around a teenager who thinks her dream of becoming a singer will come true when a popular musician visits the town; but a chemical plant starts leaking, which turns her biggest dream into a filthy nightmare!

Bang Bang Baby season 2 cast: Who will be in it?

Find the season 2 cast of Bang Bang Baby down below. 


  • Arianna Becheroni as Alice 
  • Antonio Gerardi as Nereo
  • Dora Romano as Nonna Lina
  • Giorgia Arena as Assunta
  • Lucia Mascino as Gaberiella Gianmatteo
  • Adriano Giannini as Santo Barone
  • Giuseppe De Domenico as Rocco
  • Denise Capezza as Giuseppina
  • Nicola Nicchi as Leonardo
  • Katia Greco as Zia Memena
  • Other cast includes Enea Barozzi, 
  • Carmelo Giordano, 
  • Pietro Paschini, 
  • Christina Andrea Rosamilia, 
  • Ernesto Mahieux, 
  • Sara Borsarelli, 
  • Emiliano Brioschi, 
  • Silvia Gallerno, 
  • Mattia Sbragia, 
  • Barbara Chi Chiarelli and many more.

Bang Bang Baby season 2 expected plot

The plot of Bang Bang Baby is set in the 1980s’. It incorporates several cultural aspects of that specific time. A teenage girl lives in a village in Northern Italy. She was named Alice Giammatteo. She was a typical child who her fatherless mother raised. It was a struggling life in that town. The usual routine was more than depressing for its people. 


One fine day she understands that her father still lives somewhere in Italy. She sets out to find Santo Maria but gets into a maze where she finds her father belongs to a criminal family. Slowly, she also works for them and has encountered many related difficulties.


As of July 2023, the makers haven’t officially revealed the season 2 plot. Hence, we cannot predict the storyline further. Stay tuned for more updates!

Bang Bang Baby season 2 spoilers

As of April 2023, Bang Bang Baby is yet to be renewed for season 2 – hence, there are no spoilers available at the moment. Stay connected for more updates!

How many episodes will Bang Bang Baby season 2 have?

Bang Bang Baby season 1 had ten episodes. If the makers follow a similar pattern, season 2 will have ten episodes – however, everything is still being determined. 

Bang Bang Baby season 2 trailer: Is the trailer or teaser out yet?

There has yet to be an official trailer available for season 2. For now, watch the Bang Bang Baby season 1 trailer down below!


Bang Bang Baby ratings: How has the show been rated so far?

ThBang Bang Baby received an IMDB rating of 7.7 out of 10, while on Rotten Tomatoes Bang, its average rating is 4.1 out of 5 – thus, we can conclude that the series has been rated positively so far. 

Bang Bang Baby review: 

The Bang Bang Baby is a good overall watch – while the first part of the story was built weirdly (according to me), it developed pretty fast. However, the plot was good and the character did their job well – do watch it!

Bang Bang Baby series’ popularity 

The series Bang Bang Baby has been widespread, receiving positive reviews from audiences and critics alike; further, the show has acquired a good rating on review aggregator websites – thus, we can conclude that the series is quite popular. 

Is “Bang Bang Baby” worth watching?

Stephanie (Jane Levy) wants to be a singer. She gets a chance to perform for a talent show. The show is in New York City. But her dad doesn’t allow her. She also idolizes the actor Bobby Shore (Justin Chatwin). An accident happens at the chemical plant in town, and people mutate. Bobby Shore arrives and meets her. A lot more happens after that. Overall, it’s a fun show, and it’s worth watching.

Bang Bang Baby age rating and parents’ guide

Bang Bang Baby is rated TV-14, which implies it may contain material that many parents would find unsuitable for their young children. Hence, it is advised for children to watch it under their parent’s supervision. 

Where to watch Bang Bang Baby?

Bang Bang Baby is available to watch and stream on Amazon Prime

Bang Bang Baby ending explained 

At the end of Bang Bang Baby, we see that they opened the trunk and Santo came out alive. He removed the bullet protection vest and smiled. Alice chose her father and family; she put her life at risk twice for her father, but in the end, she chose him over everything else, and protected him once again. 

Does Netflix have Bang Bang Baby?

No, Bang Bang Baby is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. 

How many seasons of Bang Bang Baby are there? 

So far, there’s only one season of Bang Bang Baby. 

5 Similar Shows Like Bang Bang Baby 

Here’s what you can consider. 

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5. Now & Then


That’s all the information we have now about Bang Bang Baby season 2; if we find more updates, we will keep you informed! Don’t forget to bookmark this page for the latest news and updates. We post daily content here. Stay tuned! Cheers!

Will there be a season 3 of Bang Bang Baby?

No updates on Bang Bang Baby season 3 yet!

Bang Bang Baby season 3 release date 

As of yet, there’s no release date for Bang Bang Baby season 3!

FAQs for Bang Bang Baby season two

  • Is Bang Bang Baby based on a true story?

Yes. The true story of Marisa Merico inspires it. She’s a daughter of an Italian mafia family.

  • Is Bang Bang Baby a good show?

Yes. The show has an exciting plot. It revolves around the family of an Italian mafia. 

  • Where was Bang Bang Baby filmed?

Toronto, Canada.

  • Is Bang Bang Baby in English?

It is in Italian. The English dub is available.

  • Is the Bang Bang Baby English dub available?


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