Five Days at Memorial Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Updates

Five Days at Memorial season 2

Will we encounter being on the edge of our seats once again with the premiere of Five Days at Memorial season 2? Are you guys ready for yet another emotional rollercoaster featuring an insight into one of the worst disasters? 


Five Days at Memorial is a novel adaptation of Sheri Fink’s book of the same name. The series features a group of doctors and nurses at a hospital’s intensive care unit in New Orleans that follows the struggle to care for the Hurricane Katrina victims—showcasing the aftermath of the victims and some of the heartbreaking choices the doctors had to make. 


So, will there be another season of Five Days at Memorial? Here are all the updates!

Will there be a season 2 of Five Days at Memorial?

As of May 2023, the series Five Days at Memorial is yet to be renewed for season 2, but will it get a sequel? The show received mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike, making it difficult to ascertain its future. While some viewers strongly praised the series’s plot, others criticized it. Let’s see what the makers and production decide. 

Five Days at Memorial season 2 release date

As mentioned earlier, the series’ second season hasn’t been renewed yet, so there’s no release date for Five Days at Memorial season 2 at the moment. If the show does get the green light, we expect it to air by the end of 2023 – stay tuned! 

What is the plotline of Five Days at Memorial?

Five Days at Memorial revolves around the storyline of the first five days in a New Orleans hospital, featuring the landfall of Hurricane Katrina. Exhausted and depleted caretakers are forced to make difficult, heartbreaking choices that will plague them for the rest of their lives. 

Five Days at Memorial season 2 cast: Who will be in it?

Here’s who is expected to return: 


  • Vera Farmiga will return as Dr Anna Pou
  • Cherry Jones will return as Susan Mulderick
  • Cornelius Smith Jr. will return as Dr. Bryant King
  • Robert Pine will return as Dr. Horace Baltz
  • Adepero Oduye will return as Karen Wynn
  • Julie Ann Emery will return as Diane Robichaux
  • Michael Gaston will return as Arthur “Butch” Schafer
  • Molly Hager will return as Virginia Rider

What to expect from the plot of Five Days at Memorial season two?

The plot of Five Days At Memorial season 2 will start from where the previous season left off. Recounting how patients live and preserve their life for five days after the landfall of Hurricane Katrina at the Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans. Many people were confined within the structure as the climatic conditions worsened and food and water supply shortened. Doctors and caretakers had to make horrible life-and-death decisions, describing how rationing led to the deaths of 45 patients. 

Five Days at Memorial season 2 spoilers

As of right now, there aren’t any spoilers available for Five Days at Memorial season two. As the series hasn’t officially received the greenlight, the discussion of plot and spoilers are yet to be revealed – stay tuned for more updates!

Is there a trailer or teaser for Five Days at Memorial season three?

As the series Five Days at Memorial hasn’t been renewed for season 2, there’s no trailer or teaser available; watch the official trailer below:  


How many episodes will there be in Five Days at Memorial season two?

Five Days at Memorial season 1 had 5 episodes – thus, if the makers decide to follow a similar pattern, the second season may also comprise the same episode count. 

Five Days at Memorial Summary

Five Days at Memorial assesses the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina as it unraveled, concentrating on circumstances at Memorial Medical Center, where medical personnel attended to victims without water and electricity for five days as they anticipated evacuation. 

Five Days at Memorial ratings: How has the show been rated so far?

On IMDb, Five Days at Memorial received a whopping 8.1 out of 10, while on Rotten Tomatoes, it secured a 92% tomatometer rating – thus, we can conclude that the show has been rated positively so far. 

Five Days at Memorial review:

The series Five Days at Memorial is a shoo-in for the Emmys; Cherry and Vera’s executions and the script are extraordinary. The national administration went awry with the rescue of the victims. The caretaker who waved her middle finger at Bush’s helicopter was completely accurate, considering what all they had to go through during the five day period! 

Five Days at Memorial series’ popularity

The series Five Days at Memorial is quite popular, as it received positive ratings on IMDb (8.1/10) and Rotten Tomatoes (92% tomatometer rating.) 

Is “Five Days at Memorial” worth watching?

Are you one of those people who like a good storytelling and interesting characters with an emotional plot? If yes, this show is definitely worth your time. The series is the perfect example of mental illness and criminal behavior, featuring a suspenseful and gripping storyline. 

Five Days at Memorial age rating and parental guide 

The series may not be appropriate for young chidren below 13 years of age. While the show doesn’t contain sexual and other mature content, it may be disturbing for the young audience. 

Where to watch Five Days at Memorial?

Five Days at Memorial is available on Apple TV Plus. 

Five Days at Memorial ending explained 

With maximum secrecy, it occurs in a closed room, so Richard Simmon cannot inform Anna of anything. However, Anna distracts her mind by working in the hospital, performing surgeries. Finally, the Grand Jury pass the verdict on July 24, 2007, stating that there are no criminal charges on Dr. Pou. 

Does Netflix have Five Days at Memorial?

Five Day at Memorial isn’t available on Netflix; you may watch it on Apple TV Plus. 

Top 7 similar shows like “Five Days at Memorial”

Here are 7 similar shows like Five Days at Memorial: 


  • Home Before Dark
  • The Devil’s Hour 
  • Black Bird
  • Mr Corman
  • Defending Jacob
  • The Devil’s Hour 
  • Surface 


That’s all we know about Five Days at Memorial season two; if we receive any further updates, we will inform you. But make sure you have our page bookmarked to not miss out on the latest news and information!

Will Five Days at Memorial season 3 happen?

No updates about Five Days at Memorial season 3. 

FAQs about Five Days at Memorial

1. How many episodes of 5 Days at Memorial are out? 

2. Is Five Days at Memorial a true story?

Five Days at Memorial is based on a book of the same name by Sheri Fink. 

3. Five Days at Memorial ethical issues 

Ethical issues of Five Days at Memorial encompassed ration scarcities, loss of power, lack of apparent evacuation plans, deterioration in both internal and external communications, and severe exhaustion.


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