Money Heist spin-off series Berlin Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Spoilers

Berlin Season 1

Berlin Season 1 (2023) is coming this year! According to Netflix, the Money Heist fandom is sent into a frenzy! A spin-off series called Berlin (2023) will show us events from Berlin’s perspective and what he was up to prior to the largest Heist in the Mothership show. 


Here is everything you require about the upcoming Money Heist spin-off series in Berlin!

Berlin series Netflix 2023 overview: 

Berlin will be based on the popular character of the Money Heist series Berlin aka Andrés de Fonollosa. While the fifth season of Money Heist illustrated most of Berlin’s character, there’s oh-so-much more to it! Read on to learn all about the upcoming series Berlin!

Berlin: All about the Money Heist spin-off series!

Portrayed by Pedro Alonso, Berlin, aka Andrés de Fonollosa, is a fictional character in the Netflix series Money Heist. He’s a terminally-ill thief and the professor’s brother and second-in-command. Berlin uses M16 and M1911 as his weapons; his spouse is Tatiana Marse (divorced); his child is Rafael de Fonollosa, and his nationality is Spanish. 

Is Berlin from Money Heist getting a spin-off?

OMGGGG YESSSSS! Berlin from Money Heist is getting a spin-off!!! Please excuse my excitement; I just cannot control my emotions because OMFG Berlin was my favorite character from Money Heist! 

Money Heist spin-off Berlin release date: Berlin Season 1 Release date

Yes, you read that correctly! Fans couldn’t have wished for a finer Christmas present than the Berlin (2023) Season 1 spin-off series, which will debut this December, according to the official showrunner. I’m screamingggggg. 


According to the official statement, the show is scheduled to premiere in the middle or at the end of December. On December 29, 2023, according to sources like what’s-on-Netflix, Netflix may release Season 1 of Berlin (2023). We’ll have to find out whether there’s more to it.


What will be the story of the Berlin Money Heist?

He is motivated by love and money in the heyday of Berlin. His upcoming major heist? 44 million in jewels on the jackpot. created by Esther Martnez Lobato and Lex Pina.

Berlin Cast 2023: Who will participate in the Money Heist spin-off series Berlin Season 1?

Here’s who are expected to be featured in the Money Heist spin-off series, Berlin: 


  • Julio Peña will be portrayed by Roi.
  • Michelle Jenner will portray Keila.
  • Najwa Nimri will portray Alicia Sierra.
  • Berlín will portray Pedro Alonso.
  • Begoña Vargas will portray Cameron.
  • Raquel Murillo will portray Itziar Ituño.
  • Damián will portray Tristán Ulloa.
  • Julien Paschal will portray Polignac.
  • Joel Sánchez will portray Bruce.
  • Yuri D. Brown will portray Bertrand.

What to expect from the plot of the Berlin Money Heist spin-off?

You guessed it—the show’s name contains the plot for Season 1 of Berlin! That’s true, it’s a spin-off series that follows Berlin, a prominent character who had a significant impact on the first season of Money.


Before the events for the first season of the original series began, Andrés de Fonollosa, or Berlin, is the focus of the first season of Berlin. The first season’s plot is on Berlin and his crew meeting in the City of Love Paris to devise a scheme for one of the largest heists he would pull off; his upcoming operation involves the French Auction Houses in Paris; what’s the issue, you ask?


Berlin is seen flirting with the owner’s wife! He asserted that only love and vast sums of money can transform a gloomy, tragic day into a cheery, delightful one. Berlin is preparing to carry out his biggest mission—the theft of a staggering 44 million-dollar worth of jewels. But before he can move forward, he needs the assistance of a gang of knowledgeable crooks, including Damián, a close buddy, and Keila, a cybersecurity expert. 


As Berlin’s right-hand man and a wild thrill-seeker, Roi is a devoted locksmith. Bruce is an expert with devices and weaponry. They work as a cohesive group with a range of skills to help Berlin carry out his ambitious goal. We’ll participate in the romantic and adventure-seeking man’s antics by looking at the story. 

Berlin spoilers

Guys, what are you asking for?! Spoilers?? Seriously?? Had I known any spoiler, I would’ve screamed to the entire world, because why should I be the only one to suffer! But unfortunately, the makers of the Berlin series haven’t revealed any spoilers, which is both good and bad (idky!) 


But when they do, do you want us to inform y’all about the spoilers or just keep it to ourselves? We’re still gonna update the space with the spoilers though, but let us know in the comments below if you’d like it 🙂

What does the show runner say about Berlin season 1?

Yes, the show’s creator Alex Pina has provided us with an official statement. In the words of Money Heist creator Alex Pina, the spin-off is “a trip through the golden age of the character, when he robbed around Europe crazy in love.”

How will Netflix connect Money Heist to Berlin?

We may anticipate Berlin season 1 to take place before the timeframe of the Money Heist because it is a show that will recount the exploits and adventures of Berlin before he joined the Original series Heist.


Given that the Professor and Berlin are shown as brothers, it is possible that the Berlin spin-off may tie the Money Heist to the events that took place before Berlin joined forces with the professor.

Berlin 2023 trailer: Is it out yet?

YESSSS! Money Heist spin-off series Berlin’s trailer is out you guyssss!! Watch it below: 


How many episodes could there be in Berlin Season 1?

As of yet, the makers haven’t revealed any information on how many episodes the Money Heist spin-off Berlin may have, but truth be told, no matter how many episodes the show comprises, it shall never be enough 🙁

Money Heist spin-off Berlin summary 

In his prime, the main character of BERLIN undertakes one of his most incredible heists. “It’s a journey through the character’s golden age, when he robbed all over Europe crazy in love,” Pina explains.

Berlin Season 1 ratings & review: 

As the series hasn’t begun yet, there aren’t any ratings and reviews. Berlin’s character doesn’t need a rating, man – he’s AMAZING! Money Heist received an IMDb rating of 8.2 out of and 94% Tomatometer ratings. 

Berlin Season 1 series’ popularity

We cannot tell the series Berlin’s popularity as it hasn’t begun; but we are sure it will break all records!

Will “Berlin” be worth watching?

OH YES! In Money Heist, we see that Berlin is arrogant, narcissistic, and somewhat selfish, but when we dive deep into his character, he’s incredibly charming and professional. He plays mind games, which intrigues his character – thus, we can say the spin-off series Berlin will be worth watching!

Berlin age rating and parental guide 

The Berlin series is rated TV-MA, which implies it’s appropriate only for mature adults. 

Where to watch Money Heist spin-off Berlin Season 1?

You may watch the Berlin series on Netflix when it airs!

Top 7 similar shows to watch before Berlin airs 

Here are our top 7 recommendations of shows to watch before Berlin airs: 


  1. Citadel
  2. Hanna
  3. Queen Sono
  4. Quantico
  5. Treadstone
  6. Covert Affairs
  7. Condor


That’s all the information we have about the upcoming series Berlin; in case we find more details, we are sure to inform you guys here – until then, stay connected with us! Also, don’t forget to bookmark our page for all the latest news and updates!

Is Berlin season 2 renewed?

As of yet, Berlin season 2 isn’t renewed. 

Berlin season 2 release date 

Berlin season 2 release date isn’t known. 

FAQs about Berlin Season 1

1. Is Berlin from Money Heist getting a spin-off?

Yes, Berlin from Money Heist is getting a spin-off, which is all set to air by December 29, 2023!

2. What is Berlin 2023 Money Heist?

Royal Mint of Spain. 

3. Is Berlin coming back?

YESSS! Berlin is coming back! 

4. Is Berlin the mastermind?

You will see it in the upcoming Money Heist spin-off series Berlin!

5. Who is Berlin’s girl in Money Heist?

Tatiana (Diana Gomez) is Berlin’s girl in Money Heist. 

6. What happens to Berlin’s wife in the Money Heist?

Well, she falls in love with Berlin’s son and marries him. 

7. Is the Money Heist Berlin trailer out yet?

The trailer is out; watch it here: 


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