Princess Diaries 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more updates 

Princess Diaries season 3

Fans of the beloved Disney film can rejoice, as a third installment is officially in the works. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed on November 15 that Aadrita Mukerji, who is known for her work on Reacher and Supergirl, will write the script of Princess Diaries season 3.

While no other details have been released, it is sure to be a hit with fans of the original films. The Princess Diaries follows the story of Mia Thermopolis, a shy teenager who discovers that she is the heir to the throne of Genovia. The films starred Anne Hathaway as Mia and Julie Andrews as her grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi.

It is unclear if Hathaway and Andrews will return for the third film, but they have both expressed interest in doing so in the past. Chris Pine, who played Mia’s love interest in the first two films, said he would be open to returning.

No release date has been set for Princess Diaries 3, but it will surely be a highly anticipated film when it does arrive. In the meantime, fans can polish off their tiaras and start planning their trips to Genovia.

Will there be a season 3 of Princess Diaries?

Since Princess Diaries 3 was confirmed in November 2022, a release date has not been announced. Plot details and casting news are also being kept hush-hush, so it will probably be some time before we know when the film will debut. 

Princess Diaries season 3 release date

The news of the third film is still pretty fresh, so we don’t have a definitive date of when to expect to catch it. All we can say for now is that we’re just unbelievably excited that it’s happening, so we guess we’ll just have to wait *impatiently* for more updates!

What is the storyline of Princess Diaries?

Shy San Francisco teenager Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) is thrown for a loop when she learns the astonishing news that she’s a real-life princess! As the heir apparent to the crown of the small European principality of Genovia, Mia begins a comical journey toward the throne when her strict and formidable grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Julie Andrews), shows up to give her “princess lessons.”

Princess Diaries season 3 cast: Who will be in it?

Find the season 3 cast of Princess Diaries down below. 


  • Caroline Goodall
  • Hector Elizondo
  • Robert Schwartzman
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Mandy Moore
  • Sandra Oh
  • Kathleen Marshall
  • Patrick Flueger
  • Erik von Detten
  • Mindy Burbano
  • Bianca Lopez
  • Tamara Levinson

What to expect from the plot of Princess Diaries season three?

Mia learns she’s not just a dorky nerd trying to make it through high school, but rather heir to the Genovian throne. During the movie, she has to decide whether she wants to live a royal life in the spotlight (and attends lots of fun royal events in the process).

Princess Diaries season 3 spoilers

The third season of Princess Diaries has not started yet – however, people still expect the series to continue with its impeccable plot. Though people are eager to know about its future plot, the makers haven’t made any potential revelations, so no spoilers are available for now. Stay tuned for more!

Is there a trailer or teaser for Princess Diaries season three?

The trailer for season 3 of Princess Diaries has not been released. You can still enjoy the trailer for the previous season below. Rest assured, we will provide updates as soon as the trailer becomes available. Stay connected with us for the latest news and updates!


How many episodes will there be in season 3 of Princess Diaries?

After almost a long gap of 18 years, the Princess Diaries season 3 is said to be back. But there has not been any revelation so far regarding the number of episodes. But as soon as there will be an update, you will informed. Stay tuned!

Princess Diaries summary

A common theme in Princess Diaries is the theme of friendship. Mia has a lot of friends. She has her life long friend Lilly and her everlasting crush on Michael. 

Princess Diaries ratings: How has the show been rated so far?

The show has been rated fairly good in both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. It has been rated 6.4 out of 10 in IMDb. As per the Rotten Tomatoes the show has been given 26%.


Princess Diaries review:

I loved this movie and although it may have been slightly cliché, the dialog was quite smart and funny. I think that if you expect the movie to be Oscar worthy, it will fall short. But as it only attempts to be a sweet story about a misfit 15 year old turned princess, it completely lives up to it’s potential. I think that Julie Andrews made the movie and Anne Hathaway did an excellent job. The movie is great for people of all ages because it has a simplistic plot yet has great one-liners and repartee between the Queen and Princess Mia characters. 

Princess Diaries series’ popularity

The Princess Diaries is quite a popular series with a fairly positive response from audiences and critics alike – on IMDb, it received a 6.4 rating out of 10. At the same time, on Rotten Tomatoes, it secured a 26%.

Is “Princess Diaries” worth watching?

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! While The Princess Diaries is not great, it is a fun movie guaranteed to entertain most kids and adults. If the story was a lot more original and less cliche, I’m sure I would really like this film.

Princess Diaries age rating and parental guide

The show has been rated fair enough for children above 12 years of age to watch.

Where to watch Princess Diaries?

Princess Diaries is available on Disney+ (plus) Hotstar.

Princess Diaries ending explained 

Realizing that he is still in love with Mia’s mother (to Grand-mère’s dismay), Phillipe abdicates and moves to Genovia with her, Rocky, and Olivia. At the end of the novel, Mia marries Michael, and prepares for her new life as crown princess of Genovia. In the final scene, Mia is shown traveling to Genovia in a private plane with her pet cat Fat Louie, and writes in her diary that she plans to relocate to Genovia with her mother.

Does Netflix have Princess Diaries?

No. Netflix doesn’t have Princess Diaries.

How many seasons of Princess Diaries are there? 

So far, there are two seasons of Princess Diaries. 

Top 7 similar shows like “Princess Diaries”

Here are our top 7 recommendations: 


  1. What a Girl Wants
  2. Ella Enchanted
  3. The Prince and Me
  4. Monte Carlo
  5. Enchanted
  6. Legally Blonde
  7. A Cindrella Story


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Will Princess Diaries season 4 happen?

Season 3 of the series is yet to premiere. Hence, there are no updates about Princess Diaries season 4 at the moment. 

Princess Diaries season 4 release date

There is no such information about the series’ season 4 

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