Sword Art Online season 5: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Sword Art Online season 5

Sword Art Online, a highly acclaimed and widely popular Japanese light novel series, is preparing for its next installment. Written by Reki Kawahara, this blockbuster franchise has captivated audiences worldwide. Following the resounding success of its fourth chapter, fans eagerly await the arrival of a brand-new season. Recognizing the devoted and passionate fan base, the creators have officially announced the release date of Sword Art Season 5 on their official Twitter accounts. In a significant move, Netflix has acquired all the copyrights to the series and proclaimed that it will premiere on November 6, 2022.

Will there be a season 5 of Sword Art Online?

As of June 2023, there has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of the anime series by Studio A-1 Pictures or any other entities involved in its production. The latest available information does not indicate any plans for a continuation of the show. 

Sword Art Online season 5 release date

Hence, no official release date is announced for the fifth season of Sword Art Online. Additionally, considering that the fourth season was released in February 2022, it is unlikely for a new season to be released within this year. However, it is expected for the fifth installment to be out sometime in 2023 but most likely in 2024.

What is the storyline of Sword Art Online?

In this series, we will see how the lead characters Kirito “Kirigaya” and Asuna get trapped into a virtual game, named Sword Art Online. What sets this series apart and makes it truly remarkable is the high stakes nature of the story. In Sword Art Online, if Kirito and Asuna were to perish within the confines of the virtual game, their lives would also be at risk in the real world. This unique element adds significant tension and consequence to their adventures, making their struggles all the more compelling.

Sword Art Online season 5 cast: Who will be in it?

The cast of Sword Art Online season 5 may include:


  • Kirito
  • Lisbeth
  • Yui
  • Yuuki
  • Asuna
  • Agil
  • Silica
  • Eugeo
  • Leafa
  • Klein
  • Sinon

What to expect from the plot of Sword Art Online season five?

The fourth season covered the entire events of the Alicization arc, so as the book’s now closed on the fourth arc, Sword Art Online: Season 5 will commence from the fifth arc titled “Unital Ring“.


The narrative of the Unital Ring arc takes place three months after significant events. Kirito has emerged from his coma, Alice’s existence has become known to the world, and Yui and the rest of the group are immersed in leveling up within New Aincrad. Interestingly, a familiar sequence of events from the anime’s first season begins to unfold again. However, a twist occurs as New Aincrad merges with other virtual reality games, creating Unital Ring—a fresh and entirely new online game. Yet, the question arises: Is this new game merely a game, or is history repeating itself in unexpected ways?

Sword Art Online season 5 spoilers

The fifth season of Sword Art Online has not started yet – however, people still expect the series to continue with its impeccable plot. Though people are eager to know about its future plot, the makers haven’t made any potential revelations, so no spoilers are available for now. Stay tuned for more!

Is there a trailer or teaser for Sword Art Online season five?

The trailer for season 5 of Sword Art Online has not been released. You can still enjoy the trailer for the previous season below. Rest assured, we will provide updates as soon as the trailer becomes available. Stay connected with us for the latest news and updates!


How many episodes will there be in season 5 of Sword Art Online?

Expected 12 

Sword Art Online summary

Set in the year 2022, Sword Art Online (SAO) unfolds a gripping tale where countless individuals find themselves trapped in a groundbreaking virtual MMORPG. At the center of the narrative is Kirito, a solitary player determined to find a way to escape. The story starts with introducing a revolutionary gaming technology called the NerveGear, which fully immerses players in the virtual world of SAO. This immersive experience begins an unforgettable journey for those who enter the game.

Sword Art Online ratings: How has the show been rated so far?

The show has been rated 7.5 out of 10 by IMDb. It has been rated 4 out of 5 by Rotten Tomatoes. The series has received massive response from anime lovers so far. 


Sword Art Online review:


Sword Art Online is one of the best anime series in recent years. There is a lot to break down when talking about this series. The captivating narrative of the main protagonists striving to conquer and survive a perilous virtual reality game is truly remarkable and consistently engaging from start to finish. The animations showcased are nothing short of spectacular, offering breathtaking and visually captivating imagery. The characters within the series are among the finest to have graced the realm of anime, with Kirito and Asuna standing out as exceptional leads. Their depth and development contribute to the overall brilliance of the story, making it a highly enjoyable and unforgettable experience. 

Sword Art Online  series’ popularity

The Sword Art Online is quite a popular series with a positive response from audiences and critics alike – on IMDb, it received a 7.5 rating out of 10. At the same time, it secured a 4 out of 5 on Rotten Tomatoes, which is quite a good number.

Is “Sword Art Online ” worth watching?

As a whole, Sword Art Online is undoubtedly a series worth watching. Even if you’re not a devoted fan of the isekai genre, this title offers substantial entertainment and a captivating story that all can enjoy. While it does contain certain familiar isekai tropes that some individuals may not prefer, the overall experience and narrative of Sword Art Online make it a compelling and worthwhile choice. 

Sword Art Online age rating and parental guide 

The show is great and will be enjoyed by Children over 12 years. This anime series is quite popular among the young generation.

Where to watch Sword Art Online?

The show is available on Hulu and Disney+ (Plus).

Does Netflix have Sword Art Online?

Netflix used to have this series until 2019. However, due to not renewing the title license the show was discontinued on the app.

How many seasons of Sword Art Online are there? 

By far, the show has four seasons. The fifth season has not been released yet.

Top 7 similar shows like “Sword Art Online ”

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  2. No Game No Life
  3. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)
  4. Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk
  5. Guilty Crown
  6. Kaze no Stigma
  7. Hunter x Hunter


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Will Sword Art Online season 6 happen?

Season 5 of the series is yet to premiere. Hence, there are no updates about The Sword Art Online season 6 at the moment. 

Sword Art Online season 6 release date 

There is no such information about the series season 6.

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