The Empress Ki Season 2: Release date, Cast and Plot

The Empress Ki Season 2

The Empress Ki Season 2

Looking out for details regarding The Empress Ki season 2? Here’s everything we could gather about the show, including its release date, cast, plot, and other updates. Read on…

The Empress Ki season 2: All about the series!

Empress Ki (Korean: 기황후; Hanja: 奇皇后; RR: Gi Hwanghu) is a South Korean historical drama television series starring Ha Ji-won as the titular Empress Ki. It aired on MBC from October 28, 2013, to April 29, 2014, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 51 episodes.


The show’s written by Jang Young-chul and Jung Kyung-soon. Han Hee and Lee Sung-Joon direct it. The series stars Ha Ji-won, Joo Jin-mo, Ji Chang-Wook, and Baek Jin-hee. 

Will there be a season 2 of The Empress Ki season 2? 

As of June 2023, there have been no formal announcements regarding The Empress Ki season 2 renewal. In case we receive more news, we’ll update you guys. Stay tuned! 

The Empress Ki season 2 release date

Empress Ki has not yet been approved by MBC or any companies involved with the production. So, there have been no official revelations regarding its renewal status or release date. 

We will update this article with the latest information when the news is confirmed. You can speculate about when Empress Ki will arrive in the meantime. The premiere date for the second season of Empress Ki is yet to be confirmed. It has been rumored that in 2022-23 it will be aired on Netflix.

What is the storyline of The Empress Ki?

The storyline of The Empress Ki revolves around Ki Seung-Nyang, a Goryeo-born woman who rises to immense power. Despite the era’s class system restrictions, she married Toghon Temür, the emperor of the Yuan dynasty, and became the empress. 

The Empress Ki season 2 cast: Who will be in it?

Find the list of The Empress Ki season 2 cast below. 

  • Ha Ji-Won in the role of Ki Seung-Nyang / Empress Ki
  • Joo Jin-Moo has been played, and Wang Yoo
  • Ji Chang-Wook plays Ta Hwan / Emperor Huizong of Yuan
  • Baek Jin-Hee plays Danashri
  • Kim Jung-Hyun in the role of Dang Ki-Se
  • Cha Do-Jin as Top Ja Hae 
  • Kim Young Ho as Beak An
  • Choi Moo Sung in the role of Park Bool-Hwa

The Empress Ki season 2 plot: What to expect? (edit)

Genghis Khan built an empire that spanned all over East Europe and Asia – however, only one woman in the whole Yuan Dynasty held immense power, which Genghis Khan founded, for 37 years. 


Neither was she of Han Chinese descent nor Mongolian, she came from a small kingdom in the Far East, Goryeo. This woman was taken to Mongolia against her will as a Gungnyeo (palace woman) – however, she overcame her lowly status to become the last empress in another land, Empress Ki. 


As for The Empress Ki season 2 plot, we’re still waiting on more news from the makers; as soon as we receive potential updates, we will inform you. Stay tuned!

The Empress Ki season 2 spoilers 

As of June 2023, the makers haven’t revealed any potential spoilers regarding The Empress Ki season two release – however, in case of any updates, we will inform you guys – stay connected with us!

The Empress Ki season 2 trailer: Is it out yet?

The show’s release date isn’t confirmed, so there’s no trailer yet; you may watch the official trailer below. 


How many episodes will there be in season 2 of The Empress Ki?

The Empress Ki season 1 had 51 episodes – thus, if the makers decide to follow a similar pattern, we can expect the same episode count. However, there’s no official update yet. 

The Empress Ki summary

Empress Ki revolves around a Goryeo-born woman, Seung-Nyang, who comes from a lowly status but marries the emperor and rises to immense power. 

The Empress Ki season 2 ratings: How has the show been rated so far?

The show secured 8.4 out of 10 ratings on IMDb. On MyDramaList, it secured 8.6 out of 10 – thus, we can conclude that the show has been rated positively so far. 

The Empress Ki review: 

Lavish, epic, intriguing, fun, and beautiful Korean woman’s story that will have you hooked to the screen right from the beginning. The artistic license, dramatization, costumes, photography, and plot are beyond incredible. Must watch!

The Empress Ki series’ popularity 

The Empress Ki series is quite popular as it has received positive ratings and responses from audiences and critics alike, holding an 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb. 

Is “The Empress Ki” worth watching?

Our call: The Empress Ki is absolutely worth watching! With over 51 gripping episodes where a fierce woman from Goryeo protects herself and survives in a man’s world. If you love historical drama, you will love The Empress Ki!

The Empress Ki age rating and parents’ guide 

The Empress Ki is appropriate for children above the age of 16 – thus, parents are requested not to allow their younger teens to watch the series. 

The Empress Ki season 2: Where to watch?

Watch the series exclusively on Netflix!

The Empress Ki ending explained 

At the end of the series, all Empress Ki left was her son. Even after Shunzi’s death, he continued to flee and established his son Ayu Shirida as Emperor of the Northern Yuan. The drama ends on a sad ending, a tragedy. 

Does Netflix have The Empress Ki? 

Yes, The Empress Ki is available to watch on Netflix. 

How many seasons of The Empress Ki are there? 

So far, there’s only one season of The Empress Ki with 51 episodes. 

Top 7 similar shows like “The Empress Ki” 

Here are our top 7 recommendations: 


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  • The King’s Face
  • Grand Prince 
  • River Where The Moon Roses
  • Bloody Heart
  • The Red Sleeve
  • Six Flying Dragons


That’s all the information we have about The Empress Ki season 2 at the moment; in case we find more updates, we will inform you guys – stay connected with us for more updates!

Will there be a season 3 of The Empress Ki? 

No updates!

The Empress Ki season 4 release date 

The Empress Ki season 4 release date is unknown. 


Stay tuned for more updates!

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