Who is Austin Raves Girlfriend? Know All About Jenna Barber

Who is Austin Raves Girlfriend?

They say, ‘there is always a women behind a successful man’ For Austin Raves, it is true. The couple got to know each other back in 2018. Since then, Austin Raves and his girlfriend, Jenna Barber, have been drawn to each other like magnets, their love story gathered a lot of crowd over time, and people got to see how Jenna’s unwavering support helped Austin’s career.


Stick till the end of this article to learn about the artist, his relationship with Jenna Barber, and how they overcame battles to be where they are now. 

Who is Jenna Barber?

Jenna Barber, born on the 4th of August, 1989, was a Beach girl. She was born in Miami, Florida, but soon after, she shifted to Los Angeles, in Angels. She has been featured in many movies, such as Unstoppable and The Fosters; she is quite successful as an actress. She is currently dating Austin Raves.


Off stage, the actress is also an animal enthusiast and often shares pictures of her pets on social media; she actively advocates for animal rights and does good deeds, such as raising charity for animals in need. 


Her love story with Austin Raves is one to remember; they met in 2019 and have been going strong since then; their love emits inspiration, supportiveness and passion. They are quite PDA fans as they frequently post pictures from their recent adventures on social media, which millions admire online.


How Austin Raves and Jenna Barber Met


Austin Raves has crazy frizz; some may say his charisma and confidence are one of the factors for Jenna to be hooked at first. In 2018, Austin and Jenna met for the first time during their mutual friends’ birthday party; their eyes met, and sparks flew around; they started talking regularly, which turned into them going on their first date, and the rest is history.


Since then, the duo have been growing together, a mere date in Los Angeles to fun road trips around California, they fell for each other whilst bringing them closer together. Jenna has always been the backbone of Austin’s career as their bond grows. She attends his shows when she can and stands by him through thick and thin; she always supports and appreciates his artwork by giving him constructive criticism.


Apart from Jenna, Austin himself is also an animal enthusiast; they are active members of local animal shelters where they help feed homeless pets and take care of them; they also have adopted a puppy recently!


From how their relationship portrays mutual respect, admiration and unconditional love, no question asked, Austin and Jenna are made for each other. The couple simp for each other on social media; it gives us, the spectators, the daily dose of butterflies we desperately need.


Austin Raves and Jenna Barber Relationship

Since 2019, the couple have been in a relationship, and they celebrated their first anniversary together in 2020 in the Bahamas. Their relationship is quite an inspiring one for the fans and people who still believe in true love; the duo cherishes each other as they participate in various volunteering activities at animal shelters; not only do they admire their diligent work they also enjoy each other company, just by walking around LA hand in hand. They love to show PDA on social media, which gives us the basis to say that there is some genuine affection between them.


Most of Austin’s work include going to concerts, writing music, and taking care of the management behind the scene; believe it or not, Jenna plays a major role in doing all of those. She is the backbone of his career, from cheering him on to sharing her valuable input while writing songs. 


As their relationship flourishes, we hope Austin and Jenna also grow more beautiful than ever.


What People Are Saying About the Couple


They have captured the heart of the public with their immaculately cute posts and selfie; the couple have also been spotted out and about LA, although some people have been talking about their age gap, and they seem too much in love to pay an ear to them.


Admirers of the couple have been crazily in love with the couple; they frequently mention how they are in sync with each other, how well they complement each other and genuinely be happy for their relationship. Some fans have noticed how the couple seem more happy when they are with each other and also the admiration they hold for one another. The major media jas have also been impressed by Jenna’s unwavering support for Austin. Regularly being at concerts shows much appreciation and devotion to the relationship.


The couple has also been very transparent about their relationship. They give us all insight into their lives by sharing their sweet messages and pictures on social media, often flooded with hundreds of positive responses. This has only nurtured the love for the couple in front of major media- they truly set an example of young love done right!


Despite criticism around their age gap, Jenna Barber and Austin Raves remain unwavering about their commitment to each other. They are part of something more than mere young love- they have mutual respect, passion, dedication and devotion to one another, which is what most of us desire to have.



The romance started with meeting each other at a friend’s birthday party in 2018 and then proceeding to the first date, celebrating their first anniversary in Miami and adopting a pet; the couple was truly blessed with al the good things! Apart from being a successful actress, Jenna is also an animal lover and frequently advocates for animal rights; she is the main backbone of Austin Rave’s music career.


The couple has not mentioned anything about getting hitched right away, but they show sincere commitment to one another through instagram and Twitter posts; people have admired their compatibility and devotion to each other. Despite some criticism regarding their age gap, Jenna and Austin show remarkable teamwork as they grow better and stronger together.


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