Who is David Dobrik girlfriend? Is he dating his assistant? 

David Dobrik girlfriend

So many tweet-ty birds have been tweeting… whom to believe? What’s actually cooking? Who is David Dobrik girlfriend? Let’s dive into David Dobrik and Taylor Hudson’s fame and reputation in the industry. David Dobrik, 27, is a Slovakian content creator based in the USA. He is one of the wealthiest people on the Internet(just watch his old vlogs, you won’t regret it). However, despite his charitable, golden retriever energy online, his personal life has always sent shock waves through the internet.


The fans wonder about his dating life,  a failed marriage, and his relationship!! I mean…  Do you blame them? It’s tea, what they all have been waiting for. Know all the deeds about David Dobrik’s dating life, whether to believe if he is really dating his assistant or is just putting up a show for clickbait!! 

Know about the Slovakian internet personality – David Dobrik!

David Dobrik is a prominent Slovak-American internet personality. His story started in Kosice, Slovakia, on July 23, 1996. He started uploading videos on the” Vine” platform (if you know this app, congratulations! You are old.) and was part of the YouTube group Second Class which helped him gather an online presence. 

Dobrik’s career popped off after starting his own YouTube channel in 2015. It got famous because of his inside jokes, prank content, and hilarious puns. He has a blog featuring his friend. He also has appeared in three movies and many TV shows. 

Who is the famous YouTuber David Dobrik dating in 2023? Who is David Dobrik girlfriend

Let’s take a trip down memory lane… you are an avid youtube watcher; the year 2018, BOOM! Liza and David broke up… wave of chaos spread through the internet. David Dobrik confirmed that Liza is the only person he dated in his 23 years of living. 


Liza and David had been content creators and frequently appeared in each other’s videos. David Dobrik girlfriend and he started dating – however, in 2018, they got separated, as they realized they were both very young at that time, they had so much to achieve, and they are growing apart from the relationship.


Liza Koshy is also a famous YouTube content creator, and the couple released a video online titled “we broke up,” where they mentioned why they broke up. Their main focal point was to say that they were growing up and things were changing… many things were going on in their personal life, and somehow, they were not on the same page. 


The disparity caused distance, and the relationship turned sour. After all that, fans speculate that Dobrik is dating his assistant, Taylor. Is that true?

Is David Dobrik dating his assistant, Taylor Hudson? The Truth

Let’s get to business…


David Dobrik is NOT dating his assistant, Taylor Hudson. They live under the same roof, are strictly professional, and are not hooking up or dating. However, this is not David’s first rodeo. In 2020, he was rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship with his then-assistant, Natalie Mariduena, which wasn’t true. 

With great fame comes great scandals… this is exactly what happened in Dobrik’s case. Because he’s a famous personality, this gossip is part and parcel of his fame. Among all this chaos, people should remember they are also human beings, and they also want to just ‘be’. Not everything that we see on the internet is true, after all. 

All about David Dobrik’s Rumored Girlfriend – Taylor Hudson

As we mentioned earlier, David and Taylor aren’t dating and are only professionals. The 25-year-old is popular for being his assistant. Taylor Hudson started working alongside David in 2019.

About David Dobrik Failed Marriage and Ex-Wife

In 2019 David Dobrik got hitched to Lorraine Nash, who happens to be comedian Jason Nash’s mother. Their marriage kife lasted a month, and then they called it quits. Guess life is more than click baits and bizarre jokes!!! 


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