Who is Donovan Mitchell’s girlfriend in 2023? Is he dating Tinara Westbrook?

Who is Donovan Mitchell's girlfriend in 2023? Is he dating Tinara Westbrook?

NBA star Donovan Mitchell and to be WNBA star Tinara Westbrook, are they dating? The duo have been in touch over the Internet since last year; they haven’t spoken about their relationship with the media, so our scepticism is on point.

What to know more about their relationship? Stick till the end of this article.

Background on Donovan Mitchell’s relationship history

Donovan Mitchell has been on cloud nine since he became a star NBA player; his relationship history started with model Jasmine Brown. Eventually, the Utah Jazz star broke up with her and left us wondering about his love life. Soon the rumours started spreading about Mitchell and the singer Jhene Aiko; after that, the NBA star was also linked with actress Zendaya. Reports pointed out that he spent quite some time with both ladies on multiple occasions, but nothing official was ever noticed.

In 2020, the basketball star and singer Tinara Westbrook were reportedly dating, the two never came out to the media about their relationship, but we are intrigued by them. The duo has been under close speculation since they were spotted multiple times together in public.

Who is Tinara Westbrook?

The Los Angeles Sparks player Tinara Westbrook has quite a name in the WNBA; after graduating from the University of South Carolina, she was remarkable and had a record for All-SEC selection. In 2018, she was drafted by the WNBA, and since then, she has been climbing up the ladder like there is no tomorrow.

Is there any romantic connection between Tinara Westbrook and Donovan Mitchell? The basketball players have been spotted publicly, but neither has spoken to the media about their relationship. We only have deeds about them linking over the Internet, but we are looking out for every little detail. Don’t worry.

What is the status of Tinara Westbrook and Donovan Mitchell’s relationship?

As of 2023, Tinara Westbrook and Donovan Mitchell remain a topic of scepticism as they have been spotted together in public numerous times since late 2020. Both parties have been keeping their mouth shut about their relationship or the lack of it, this dilemma has made it difficult for the fans to peek into their love life, but where there is a will, there is a way! 

Fans have gathered a few details from their recent social media and in-person activity, indicating something fishy about the dynamic duo.

Westbrook and Mitchell kept their relationship very light and breezy; the couple often showed affection towards each other by commenting sweetly on Instagram posts; on multiple occasions, they were seen holding hands and hugging. They enjoy each other’s company when out and about for a date night or attending events.

We’re still in muddy water as the duo keep their relationship private and away from the limelight. Do they have plans about moving forward in their relationship? Are they just having fun without committing to each other? Are the fans going to get engagement news suddenly? Who knows? All we can do now is to sit back and speculate their perfectly matched relationship from afar. 

How did they meet?

Last year they linked via the Internet, and since then, their connection has been stronger. At that time, Tinara was still a student at the University of Louisville; the two met each other physically and immediately felt a connection. The basketball players are content doing mundane tasks with each other, like- buying groceries together, attending basketball matches, going on dates or simply enjoying lunch with friends.

Although the major media has reported nothing officially, the prying eyes have been glued on to the lovebirds, and we can say the two are very much happy together!


Q1. What is Donovan Mitchell’s girlfriend’s name?

A1. Donovan Mitchell is dating Alexandra ‘Spin’ Burton. 

Q2. How long have they been together?

A2. Donovan Mitchell and Alexandra “Spin” Burton have been dating since 2018.

Q3. What does Alexandra “Spin” Burton do for a living?

A3. Alexandra “Spin” Burton has a career in dancing.

Q4. Is Donovan Mitchell active on social media?

A4. Donovan Mitchell is active on social media and often shares bits and pieces of his personal life on his instagram.

Q5. Does Donovan Mitchell and Alexandra “Spin” Burton have any children?

A5. Donovan Mitchell and Alexandra “Spin” Burton do not have any children together.


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