Who is Jamie Benn’s Wife? Who is Jessica Bennett?

Jamie Benn's Wife

Jamie Benn and Jessica Bennett are a dream couple. They have been together for over a decade; they gave company to each other every step of the way, and they have seen many ups and downs together. The couple has different interests but always find a way to comfort each other in the best way possible; Jamie is a professional hockey player, whereas Jessica has a photography business. 

This article will venture into the lives of this gorgeous couple. Worry not; we will leave no stone unturned.

All About Jamie Benn

The Dallas Star player, Jamie Benn, is a remarkable Canadian ice hockey player; he plays for the National Hockey League (NHL). Since birth (1989), he has been a talented individual, residing in Victoria, Canada; not soon after, he was scouted by the Dallas Stars NHL entry draft in only the fifth round. Since then, Jamie has been publicly promoted as ‘one of the top players in the league’. 

Jamie became an NHL All-Star twice and won the Art Ross Trophy, a prestigious award achieved by the player with the most points during a season; only a few selected players have achieved this award throughout history. His marvellous professional work suits his title of ‘best player in hockey today’.

Jamie has been a remarkable leader; he shows exemplary dedication and hard work to motivate his team members. His passion does pay off, as he was name-checked for alternate captain for Canada at both the World Championships and Olympic games.

Who Is Jamie Benn’s Wife

Jessica is not only a professional model and entrepreneur but also a photographer. Jamie and Jessica are the it-couples in the field of hockey. They have a decade of history together, and in 2017, they tied the knot.

She is an Instagramer, too; she shares her daily life with 100k followers. The couple is blessed with two wonderful sons, Jack and Max; they have recently shifted to Victoria, British Columbia.

Jessica attends their local church and volunteers for photography services for charitable organizations. Jamie consistently strives for greatness in an outward manner. He holds positive feelings within him and shares them with those around him—one of the best qualities which attracted Jessica in the first place.

Their relationship is a perfect example of a thriving couple. They have built a safe place for themselves with mutual trust and respect, which fuels them.

As Jamie’s career soars high, Jessica sticks by his side, being his backbone and a constant source of support. She is most active in managing everything at the back of the stage so that he can focus solely on hockey. 

The couple’s story is truly an exemplary work to show the best of both worlds can be obtained when you have a constant believer who stands by you unconditionally. Jessica’s unwavering support for helping Jamie reach his full potential, simultaneously balancing her career ambitions, showcases what soulmates look like. 

They showed the world that ‘it takes two to tango’.

 All About Jessica Benn


As a Harvard graduate, she is an extravagant woman with many talents. She has battled with various ups and downs along with her husband ad also in her professional career since she pursued her dreams of becoming a professional hockey player. Eventually, she made her way into the Dallas Stars and was a member of the All-Stars during 2016-2017. Jessica has also made up her mind to put out for society. As a photographer, her mission is to treasure millions of happy moments of families worldwide.

Jamie also has this never-ending urge to do better for the world around them, which makes them Canada’s most powerful couple both on and off the ice. 

Despite their busy schedules, they still chalk out time for their kids, setting an example that success is not for the individual but for cherishing it with their close ones when another individual is always there to support you unconditionally.

Facts About the Couple: Jessica Bennet and Jamie Bennet

Jamie and Jessica Benn are the main hustlers of the NHL. They have spent half a decade together as a married couple since 2017. They are family-oriented and love their children – Jack and Max – unconditionally. The couple visits church actively and participates in local volunteer work, bringing them closer together.

Aside from being an extremely successful Hockey player, Jamie is also passionate about giving back to his environment, where he thrives. He has volunteered for many youth development initiatives. 

Jessica is a successful professional photographer with a follower count of over 250K. 

Benns prioritize each other’s boundaries; they complement each other’s ambitions and excel at balancing the work-family dynamic. They are a good duo for inspiring new generations to show how it’s possible to find success on both personal and professional levels without leaving one or the other behind.


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