Who is Marlene Wilkerson? All about Kyrie Irving’s millionaire wife

Who is Marlene Wilkerson? All about Kyrie Irving's millionaire wife

A successful Business woman, a philanthropist Marlene Wilkerson is also the wife of NBA star Kyrie Irving; she is one extraordinary woman who has defined success in her terms.

This article will explore all about Marlene Wilkerson and her journey. Stay glued to learning more about this inspiring woman!

Biography: A Look into Marlene Wilkerson’s life before Kyrie Irving

Marlene Wilkerson is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who hustles hard every day. Many institutions have recognized her work throughout her career. She was born and raised in  New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University with a Business Administration degree. She has experience as an executive assistant. 

After meeting Kyrie she pursued her dream to be an active philanthropist. Marlene attends church regularly and volunteers for various charitable organizations outside her professional life. She has a liking for making food and reading, and she occasionally travels in her free time. 

Life with Kyrie Irving: An overview of Marlene Wilkerson’s life since marrying the NBA star

In 2011, Marlene Wilkerson first met Kyrie Irving through mutual friends. Marlene then used to work as an executive assistant in New Jersey, they kept in touch for six years as they focused on their careers; the duo officially started dating in 2017.

The couple married in a private ceremony surrounded by close family and friends in 2019 in California. Since then, the duo have lived happily ever after; they eventually expanded their family, and they have a baby daughter, Azurie Elizabeth Irving, who was born last year.

Marlene has been the backbone of Kyrie’s career; she travels with him to games and helps him stay focused during the competition season while also managing the family at the side. She cherishes her husband on and off the court, which is pretty evident after stalking her Instagram page.


Business Ventures: A Discussion of Marlene Wilkerson’s Entrepreneurship and Business Acumen

Marlene Wilkerson is an inspiring and successful businesswoman. Her business ventures are something to be talked about- she has a wide range of investments in technology startups, real estate, and other businesses; she has also co-founded “The Creative Group,” a Brooklyn-based creative agency; Marlene also serves as a consultant for her husband’s non-profit foundation.

In addition to these major ventures, Marlene is known to mentor a few small businesses in her local community; her business provides consultancy services to small businesses in her local community. Her entrepreneurial spirit and business enterprise have enabled her to change the world around her positively.

Philanthropy: How Marlene Wilkerson is using her platform to give back

Apart from her business venture, she also serves the community she belongs to; Marlene Wilkerson is an inspiring philanthropist. She has hugely donated to cancer research and animal rights foundations; as well as serving society, she is also the co-founder of The Kyrie Irving Foundation. Marlene focuses on helping educate the new generation and developing the world through them, particularly focusing on underserved communities across the United States.

Marlene is also involved with the One Love Foundation, where she advocates for providing educational resources and supportive services for victims of domestic abuse.


What is Marlene Wilkerson’s net worth?

Marlene Wilkerson is worth $15 million. Her business ventures and creative agency ‘The Creative Group’ generate a lot of profit. Marlene is also the backbone of support for her husband, who reportedly has a net worth of approximately $90 million, making up quite the power couple.

Who are Marlene Wilkerson’s parents?

Marlene Wilkerson was born and raised in New Jersey by her parents – Wayne Wilson and Bridgette Wilson. Both were teachers at a local public school; Marlene always shows gratitude for raising her to be a successful young woman and sowing the seed of strong values in her, which she has carried into adulthood.


What is Marlene Wilkerson’s educational background?

She was born and raised in  New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University with a Business Administration degree. She has some former knowledge of being an executive assistant. After meeting Kyrie, she pursued her dream of being an active philanthropist. 

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