Who is Nikola Jokić wife? All you need to know is Natalija Jokić.

Nikola Jokić wife

Nikola Jokić is a star in the world of Basketball; he is one of the most successful players from Serbia. We are here to tell you about the reason behind his success story. Do you know Natalija Jokić is the backbone of his entire career? Without her support, he would be elsewhere.

To know more about their journey from their initial meeting in late 2013 till having a child together in 2019. Stay glued to this blog!


Background on Nikola Jokić

The Denver Nuggets member, Nikola Jokić, is a Serbian professional basketball player born in 1995. He started playing Basketball at the tender age of 11 and was quickly a professional; not too soon, his talent was noticed by major media, and he started getting recognized with several awards, such as two All-Star selections, an All-NBA First Team selection, and the 2019–20 Most Valuable Player award and finally last but not the least, he was also named as the All-Defensive Second Team for consecutive two years 2019-20.


Jokić, aka “The Joker”, has a creative and unique style of play; he is incredible in passing and has mastered court vision. Thus, it gives him an upper hand to make knee-slapping comebacks to the game. He plays offence and is known to create space amidst defenders by manipulating subtle movements. Apart from that, he has tremendous team-player skills and quickly makes a strong bond with the team members, which has become a hallmark of his game.


All this glory, but the player has already met his forever teammate, his wife and biggest supporter, Natalija Jokić; The two got acquainted in late 2013 before eventually tying the knot in 2018. Since then, Natalija has been Nikola’s forever home and the backbone of his career. She has dramatically turned Nola’s life by staying by his side through thick and thin, which should be addressed every time someone brings up Nikola Jokić’s career success.

All About Natalija Jokić

Since 2012, Natalija Jokić has set foot in the Serbian music industry; she is a singer and songwriter and performs in different events and festivals throughout Serbia. Natalija released five albums, including the smashing hit “Dive”, in 2020.

Their story started when they first met at a party in Belgrade, Serbia. At the time, Nikola was stacking his professional career as a basketball player, while Natalija had already established herself as a successful singer-songwriter. They felt the spirit immediately, and the mere meeting of two people turned into a romantic butterfly-giving relationship; they tied the knot in 2018 and had a child in 2019.


How Did Nikola Jokić & Natalija Jokić Meet


The romantic tale of Nikola Jokić and Natalija Miličević sprouted after meeting each other first time at a coffee shop in Belgrade in 2013, He was at the very beginning of his professional career, and she was a rising superstar with dreams in her heart to shine even brighter, despite their differences, the couple felt the spark between them which led to an immediate connection and the rest is history.


They got engaged in 2017 and were surrounded by loving family and friends; on June 23rd 2018, the couple promised each other to stay by each other’s side ‘in health and sickness’. On August 1st, 2019, they had their first child Stefan Jokić, a momentous event that strengthened their bond further.


Family Life Together

Taking about their family, it’s clear that they have a strong connection with each other which grows stronger and bolder as time passes, but the spark between them still hasn’t died yet, Nikolka at this day also appreciates and shows gratitude to his wife, crediting her unwavering support which became the boon of his successful career.

Away from Basketball, the duo actively goes to a local Serbian church and spends quality time with friends and family; Nikola manages time like no other, dividing his time into practice, matches and family; he has indeed become a master of this ‘family-work continuum’.


Impact of Natalija on Nikola’s Career

Since 2013, Nikola’s career has been turned upside down by the influence of his wife. She is integral to Nikola’s life, his biggest fan and a source of unconditional support, and she is crucial to Nikola’s life. Natalija’s presence on the sidelines, cheering for their husband through different time zones, cultures and the arena, shows passion’s effect in a relationship. 


Natalija’s optimism and retriever energy have always been a constant driving force for Nikola’s professional success; from attending every Nuggets home game to cheering him on from courtside seats, she has proven her dedication to her husband’s career. She can be spotted easily with other players’ wives at courtside.


She also shares her side of the story by sharing supportive posts on social media like instagram and Twitter; she can often posts images adoring her husband through encouragement that fans go nuts over.

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