Who is Vashti Cunningham? All you need to know.

Who is Vashti Cunningham? All you need to know.

Vashti Cunningham is a high jumper and has achieved remarkable success in Track and field with remarkable track and field success. She started her journey in Las Vegas, Nevada, and till now, she has bagged two American Championships and two World Championships and holds the record for making the highest jump of 6’4″- it all happened before she signed up with Nike. 

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Way to the Top: Vashti Cunningham’s Early Life


Vashti was born on January 18, 1998, and brought up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vashti Cunningham’s story of becoming the remarkable athlete she is now taking a lot of passion, consistency and practice. 

She started her track career at the tender age of 11, and in merely two years, she came out of her cocoon and turned into a beautiful butterfly; she competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials at 14, making her the youngest athlete ever to compete. 


Her relentless hard work paid off in 2014 when she earned her first international medal at just 16year old; it was a bronze medal at the World Championships; she quickly paved her way to a silver medal in 2016 at World Indoor Championships; it was truly a remarkable moment in history as she was the first female athlete to win a medal in that event. All this glory cleared her to sign with Nike as a professional athlete.

Since then, Vashti has been on a roll, from smashing records to making history; she has been on fire for the past few years. The world revolved around her as she bagged two American Championships and two World Championships; all these extraordinary accomplishments made her one of the greatest athletes in the world of Track and field.


Vashti Cunningham shows exemplary work in her personality and fame; she sets a bar for the younger generations to look up to, bringing forth passion, dedication and hard work.


From Amateur to Professional: Vashti Cunningham’s Career


Where most 21years olds are confused about their lives and having trouble understanding adulting, Vasthti has shined brightest in the world of Track and field, beginning from being an amateur to becoming one of the top professional players in the history of Track and field. She has shown ‘persistent is key and passion pushes yo to extreme levels’. She has set three American records while holding the batch of being the youngest woman ever to make the U.S. Olympic team. 


Vashti Cunningham’s Relationships and Family


The beginning of her journey is not quite predictable as you think it would; she was born to a professional football player, Randall Cunningham; Randall has three daughters, Vashti, Symone and Ashli. She grew up coached by her father and attended high school in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Vashti has always been a family-oriented person; she has seen her parents guide her through thick and thin now, she is a parent to two beautiful children, Aja and Jayden. With her spouse James Williams, an American triple jumper James Williams, she puts up exemplary work of ‘where there is will, there is a way’. The duo have been living happily ever after with their children, reaching new highs in their professional careers.


She is not only a great athlete but also a very down-to-earth person; she shows gratitude towards every acquaintance of hers, she credits every individual for helping her to become her best version; she has thanked her previous coaches like Scott Zufall, Nike coach Michael Khayat; Olympic gold medalist Brittney Reese; current trainer Al Joyner; and mental performance coach Dr Joe Carrillo.


Vashti Cunningham’s Athletic Accomplishments

Cunningham is 25 years old; she was born on January 18, 1998. She has seen family members participating in various sports activities throughout her life, and similarly inspired by them, she has chosen her athletic career over her academic one. Can you tell her not to go after her athletic career? When she finished 13th in the Rio Olympics and ranked first at the 2016 Indoor World Championships. She is a prodigy.


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